Covid-19 Safety Plan

First Level Protection

  • In order to ensure physical distancing measures (2 meters) can be followed, we have instituted a maximum occupancy level of four customers at one time in our retail spaces. This includes fish processing drop off services.
  • Occupancy limit notices have been posted on front-facing entranceways and in our retail spaces.
  • Parking-lot purchases are offered as an option for any customer who does not wish to enter a retail space.
  • Hand sanitizer is offered at our entrance doors.
  • Work-at-home arrangements have been instituted for immune-compromised staff.
  • Virtual meetings (eg. Zoom, conference call) have replaced in-person meetings with external partners.

Second Level Protection

  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed at point-of-sale locations in our stores.
  • Barrier cleaning (in addition to comprehensive cleaning/disinfecting at store-wide contact points) is part of our cleaning protocols.
  • These plexiglass barriers are clear and are designed to facilitate payment exchange for goods and services in a small space directly underneath the barrier. This way, staff and customers do not need to lean or reach around the barrier.
  • Red tape is laid out on our floors to establish customer exclusion zones

Third Level Protection

  • St. Jean’s has identified and codified rules and guidelines for how employees must conduct themselves during work hours and when off-site.
  • We have clearly communicated these rules through a combination of staff communications, training, and signage.
  • Physical distancing, PPE requirements, and health notices are posted in workplace areas and common rooms (eg. lunch rooms).
  • Workers are to remain 2m apart during normal work operations as much as possible as well as during breaks.

Fourth Level Protection

  • We have reviewed information on selecting and using masks and instructions on how to use masks properly.
  • All staff are required to wear PPE (masks/face shields) while inside a St. Jean’s facility and during customer interactions.
  • Disposable gloves are supplied to staff for customer interactions (eg. sport fish drop offs)
  • Staff have been trained on the importance of mask usage.

Cleaning and Hygiene

In addition to sanitation protocols relating to eliminating the spread of COVID-19, as a federally-registered food production facility, we utilize HACCP sanitation and safety protocols.

  • Our workspaces have multiple handwashing stations which are accessible for all workers.
  • We have policies in place which specify when workers must wash their hands and we have communicated good hygiene practices to all workers.
  • We have cleaning protocols in for all of our workspaces and cleaning responsibilities are clearly designated. All common touch surfaces are to be cleaned after customer use (door handles, credit card machines, phones, counter space where plexiglass is not present, etc.)