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Salmon, White Fish & Prawns

Our finest fillets and naturally hardwood-smoked wild seafood is portioned by hand by our experienced fish cutters. Individually vacuum-sealed and frozen to maintain quality from us to you. Choose from wild Pacific salmon, albacore tuna, halibut, and cod (depending on seasonal availability).

All frozen deliveries are preceded by phone calls to arrange a delivery date and shipped by expedited overnight courier services. (*Two day deliveries may be required for rural communities and the Maritime provinces.)

West Coast Hot Smoked

The most pronounced smoke flavour of all of our smoked products. Hand-filleted wild salmon and tuna are seasoned and cured in our house-made brine before slowly smoked with natural hardwood in our smokehouses. “Hot” doesn’t refer to spiciness but rather to the temperature of the smokehouses. The carefully controlled hot-smoking process and premium wild seafood combine to create legendary smoked salmon and albacore tuna. 

Candied | Honey Glazed

Our irresistible sweet snack. We hand-fillet and portion wild salmon and tuna into strips, cure with our homemade brine, and smoke overnight with our signature natural hardwood. Then, we coat each strip with a honey glaze before returning them to the smokehouse for a second round of hot-smoked flavour infusion. It’s the perfect combination of smoky, sweet, and savoury.  

Cold Smoked | Lox

Cold smoked (lox-style) salmon and tuna have a smooth, silky texture and mild smoke flavour resulting from hardwood smoking–but without heat. This delicacy is thinly sliced and easy to roll and present as part of a seafood canapé, or simply enjoy with bread and a squeeze of lemon or on bagels with cream cheese. 

Seafood for the Grill

Unlike anything you’ll find in your local grocery store! Let your inner chef loose on our hand-filleted and individually-portioned frozen seafood selections. Whether you prefer to grill, fry, steam, poach, or barbecue, these superior cuts of Pacific Northwest seafood will take your next meal to the next level.

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