Albacore Tuna Sampler Box


Take advantage of this oppor-TUNA-ty to enjoy our new quartet of Albacore tuna delicacies.
Our Albacore Tuna Sampler features four unique seafood delights, all perfect as exceptional appetizers, your bagel’s new sidekick, or as part of a satisfying dinner at home.
The Albacore Tuna Sampler Box includes 7.5 lbs of frozen & vacuum-packed tuna products.

This frozen seafood box includes frozen shipping to addresses in Canada and the USA. We will contact you to arrange a delivery date before your order is shipped

2 x 113g packages of Pre-sliced Tuna Lox
Our Wild Albacore tuna lox is a moist and richly flavoured delicacy.
We fillet the tuna by hand before cold-smoking it in our hi-tech smokehouses. Thinly sliced for serving.
2 x 227g packages of Candied Tuna
Our Candied Honey Glazed Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna Strips are a true treat. We start by portioning wild tuna into thin strips, cure them in our special brine, glaze with western Canadian honey, and finally infuse them with a rich smoky flavour in our all-natural hardwood smokehouses.
2 lbs of Hot Smoked Tuna
Our Hot Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna is rich and smoked to perfection. We portion tuns loins by hand, brine with a special mix of spices, and smoke at a high temperature. This results in a classic dry barebeque-style texture and a prominent smoke flavour.
4 x Wild Albacore Tuna Loins (approx. 1lb each)
Our wild albacore tuna is sourced from the icy waters of the Pacific Northwest and loined by hand at our Nanaimo, B.C.  headquarters. Fire up the grill and sear up a family seafood favourite.
All fish is individually portioned, vacuum-packed, and frozen to ensure convenience & quality


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