Canned Butter Clams


These hard-to-find canned west coast clams are larger than baby clams–suitable for many types of seafood recipes.

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Ingredients: Whole butter clams, clam nectar, water, sea salt.

If you are a fan of thick, chunky chowders–go for butter clams, which are larger than the more-often-used baby clams. Because of their larger size, they won’t break down when fried–try them in a pasta!

Butter clams are indigenous to the west coast and we at St. Jean’s are proud to be the only company in Canada that is canning them. Try them out today!

4 reviews for Canned Butter Clams

  1. Tracy Hairsine (verified owner)

    They make the best clam chowder!

  2. Gloroia Ellingsen (verified owner)

    This product(butter clams) is the very best and we are dissappointed that you are sold out. We always buy a case every year (in person or via free shipping )and look forward to your email advising us of your sale. When do you expect to have more in?. Thank you

  3. Lee Anne (verified owner)

    We love them too, looking forward to them being available soon ! 🙂

  4. Bill Leach

    Hi. I’ve been waiting to hear about when the butter clams will be available again. Thought you would have some by Feb, or March, and here it is May. Can you give us an update as to when you expect to have them again?

    Thank you!

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