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Clam nectar of the gods. Every chef knows that the best meals start with the best ingredients. The best clam chowder starts with St. Jean’s Clam Nectar. Need we say more?

Ingredients: Clam Nectar, Water, Salt.

2 reviews for Canned Clam Nectar

  1. John Pappe (verified owner)

    I just reordered the clam nectar. My wife and I love to use it when making Manhatten style chowder. The other companies that sell a similar product only offer clam juice. There is a big difference in flavor between the clam juice and the clam nectar. This clam nectar is like liquid gold for my cooking needs.

  2. Tim Quesnel (verified owner)

    Love the taste of clams?…. can’t live without this stuff.
    Dial-up Ceasars and Chowders. This stuff is so hard to find but is so worth it.
    If making Ceasars I add a ounce of this… I used to ask folks… they would say “no thanks”…. just add it without asking and let them say it is the best Ceasar they have ever had 🙂

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