Cedar Grilling Planks


Add the flavour of smoked cedar to your grilled or barbecued salmon fillets with our cedar planks.

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Improve the ‘grillability’ of your fish fillets on the barbecue and add in a hint of wonderful woodsmoke flavour with our cedar planks.

Instructions for Use

1. Soak the Cedar Planks: One to two hours before grilling, soak the planks in wine, sake, cider, or water.

2. Heat the Grill: Heat your gas or charcoal grill to about 350°F or a medium heat-setting.

3. Lay the Planks on the Grill: Arrange the planks on the grill in a single layer so they are in contact with the grill grates. Allow a little space on the sides for heat and air to flow.

4. Lay the Salmon on Top: Season the salmon and lay it skin-side down in a single layer on top of the cedar planks. Cover the grill.

5. Cook for 12 – 15 Minutes: Start checking the salmon after about 12 minutes. Small fillets will cook more quickly than larger cuts. The salmon is done when it is uniformly pink in the center.

6. Remove the Skin: Transfer the salmon on the planks to a cutting board or baking sheet. Use a thin spatula to gently separate the skin from the salmon. The skin should stick to the boards and separate easily.

7. Cut into Portions and Serve: Use a sharp knife to cut the salmon into portions and serve immediately. Enjoy!

Additional Notes:

• Cedar planks can be re-used until they become overly charred, cracked, or impossible to clean. Just scrub off the skin as you would any other dish and allow them to dry until their next use.