Gift Basket | Seven Seas
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Gift Basket | Seven Seas


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The Seven Seas gift basket contains enough seafood to make Sinbad blush. Different varieties of salmon and tuna headline this basket–so large, it could double as an ocean liner.

What's Inside
Why sail the world to find seafood this good? It’s right here.

1x Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon | 100 g
1x Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon | 150 g
1x Wild Sockeye Salmon | 100 g
1x Wild Sockeye Salmon | 150 g
1x Smoked Wild Pink Salmon | 150 g
1x Albacore Tuna | 150 g
1x Smoked Saltspring Island Mussels | 70 g
2x Smoked Salmon Paté | 100 g
1x Shrimp Paté | 100g g
1x Smoked Sockeye Salmon | Pouch | 227 g
1x Smoked Albacore Tuna | Pouch | 113 g
1x Sardines | Chilli Lime | 120 g
1x Pacific Clam Chowder | 284 ml
1x Butter Clams | 110 g
1x Seafood Chowder Spice | 75 g
1x Red Pepper Jelly | Chili Lime | 250 ml
1x Gourmet Crackers | 56 g

Non-Perishable Shipping
This is a non-perishable (Dry) product and ships separately from frozen.


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