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Succulent plump Pacific oysters, smoked to perfection–and the product that St. Jean’s was built on!

Sold out again! We apologize to anyone that didn’t get a chance to order this 2nd time. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be notified when they come back in stock.

*Temporary limit of 6 cans per order.

Ingredients: Pacific Oysters, Oyster Nectar, Sea Salt, Golden Yellow Sugar, Natural Hardwood Smoke.

St. Jean’s Smoked Oysters have been a staple of our business for 50 years. In fact, it’s the product that got us started!

We take Vancouver Island-bred oysters and smoke them with natural hardwood smoke in-house in Nanaimo. When canned, we take care to ensure they retain their natural nectar, which leads to unrivaled taste and texture. And since we’ve been smoking oysters since 1962, we’re confident that our oysters are unmatched!

St. Jean’s is proud to be the only cannery in western Canada that cans smoked oysters. Try them today!

24 reviews for Pacific Smoked Oysters

  1. Steven Martens (verified owner)

    I have only 1 can left from my last order. I passed on Thanksgiving thinking hold on to have it on Christmas day. Best oysters ever. Won’t buy any other than these.

  2. Darryl Deslauriers

    We miss these oysters. Please come back!

  3. Dean McCann

    Absolutely the best smoked oysters in existence.
    I am down to three cans, and am anxiously waiting for them to be available again. No mystery as to why they are sold out!

  4. Lise Ravault

    So happy to finally find Canadian smoked oysters. Will never buy from China and they all come from China. Canada can smoke our wonderful oysters. Can’t wait till 2021 so you have more. Will check in everyday!

  5. Susan

    A friend gave these to me as a gift and they are the best. I shared with my daughter in law and now we don’t want to eat any other brand.

  6. Denise Henry

    Love these oysters.

  7. Alana Ziegler

    These are so good. I will never purchase those “mini”, mushy smoked oysters from the competition again. And the size of the oysters is amazing – some are cut in half (probably to fit in the tin). Can’t say enough about these. Why not buy Canadian when we have something this good!

  8. Marianne Farden

    These are absolutely the best. They are in a league of their own.

  9. Rose Martin

    I consider myself somewhat of an smoked oyster connoisseur, and I can tell you these are hands down the best around!

  10. Spencer Mayer

    Beautiful, plump, delicious smoked oysters. Canadian pride…got my family all hooked on them now, too!

  11. Ann Whalen

    I was given St. Jean’s smoked oysters as part of a gift basket when I moved to Nanaimo. After trying St. Jean’s oysters I can never go back to the other ones. I can’t even look at anything else anymore….they all look so terrible compared to St. Jean’s. The can is packed full. Their colour is bright instead of the dull grey look of other brands. AND the taste of St. Jean’s is amazing!! This is my favorite discovery by far this year.

  12. Tracy Hairsine

    These are such a special treat. Especially for those who grew up on the BC coast and miss eating seafood every day. The smoke is perfect and the oysters are firm and plump; worth the price.

  13. Durgan

    Received the 12 pk today. Sampled one can. Absolutely perfect. Price is steep, but what isn’t today? I have quit buying them in Supermarkets, since they are all from China and I dislike the hickory smoked flavor. Brantford, ON.

  14. Carol Murray

    My parents had St. Jean’s products shipped to our home in Prince George in the late 1960’s. Every time we journeyed to the Island to see family, we’d stop at the cannery in Nanaimo. We finally moved back to the coast and I’ve been blessed to enjoy these smoked oysters my whole life! They are truly the best — If you’ve never tried them, do so and you’ll be hooked.

  15. Suzanne

    Received these in a gift basket last Christmas. Finally tried them. I was expecting small, oily oysters but these were far better. Large, no oil, nicely smoked and very tasty. Highly recommended.

  16. Warren Janyk

    I recently was at YVR South Terminal and purchased a mixed pack of canned salmon and tuna and a tin of your oysters, the sales rep said only buying one tin? I replied I just want to try them first, he replied customers come in and buy a tin and enjoy them in the terminal and come back for the three pack or more minutes later. Bar none these are the best smoked oysters I have ever had, I am back at the terminal tomorrow and will be buying more and can’t wait to try your other products. Compliments on the superb quality.

  17. Marion Szepat-Tait

    Considering we are on lock down because of the fire at Cache Creek and we were moved out to Kamloops and your Smoked Oysters were in a box of canned food. I grew up on the Island and always ate seafood it was such a treat to have your oysters. When this fire is out I will be ordering a case .

    • Matt

      Thank you for the kind words, Marion — and we wish nothing but safety and good health to you and yours!

  18. Mark Dobeck

    OMG I have tried smoked oysters the world over…these are the best ….if you don’t try these you ignorant …but in a nice way

  19. Carol

    These are superb! We buy them by the case.

  20. greg

    They are the best oysters on the market , we have been buying them since 2000, they are the best, hard to keep them in the house, my daughters love them as much as we do, we have to hide them.

  21. Dr D

    I thought I liked smoked oysters when I was buying the mushy ones from Asia. I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS MISSING until I tried the ones from St Jeans. I will NEVER eat the others again. These are smoky and succulent – YUM!

  22. Joy Sarauer

    These oysters are so much fun to share.! Many times I have offered them to guests that say, ” Oh no thank-you, I don’t like smoked oysters”. I convince them to try St Jeans smoked oysters and without fail they become as big a fan as I am. The reason? St Jeans smoked oysters are the best there are, period.

  23. Lee

    The best I have ever had. Brilliant! Thank you.

  24. Gary Maier

    Simply the best!

    Old School smoked with West Coast Alder. All Canadian product. Not packed in any oil.

    Why eat scary Oysters from China packed in Oil and God knows what else when you can get these premium far better tasting Oysters.

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