Seed to Surf – Celery Root Smoked Whitefish


A modern twist on a forever favorite. Our take on smoked whitefish combines the textural complexity of celeriac root, with that smoked fish umami you know and love. Rich, flaky and addictive— it’s amazing on salads, sandwiches and seacuterie boards.

✔ Vegan
✔ Gluten-Free
✔ Allergen Friendly

Celeriac, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Seaweed (Konbu/Kelp), Natural Flavours, Lactic Acid
Flavour / Texture
〰 Smoky
〰 Flaky
〰 Umami
Non-perishable shipping
This is a non-perishable (Dry) product and ships separately from frozen.

Currently not Available to ship to the United States.

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Seed to Surf

When prepared and preserved right — using fresh, high-quality ingredients — whole vegetables offer intriguing new takes on the premium tinned seafood you’d find at top restaurants and high-end grocers. These alternatives aren’t a compromise; they’re a fresh reinterpretation of seafood that highlights the potential of plants in a style that’s as sustainable as it is salivating.

We truly believe our Seed to Surf philosophy offers a multitude of culinary possibilities. This is just beginning for us, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey.