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Dive in to one of the most popular foods from the west coast with that classic natural wood smoke flavour! We remain dedicated to hand-packing our canned seafood–quality over quantity. Go gourmet — enjoy St. Jean’s Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon today!

Ingredients: Wild sockeye salmon, sugar, salt, natural hardwood smoke.

St. Jean’s Smoked Canned Wild Sockeye Salmon is cooked in its natural juices and oils so it’s nutrient-rich and rich in taste.

Unlike other canned salmon, we don’t add extra oil or water, so you’ll get a can that is packed with meat that tastes great!

  • Portable, no refrigeration required
  • BPA free cans with easy-open Lid
  • No added water or oil
  • Rich in natural omega 3 oils
  • Skinless Boneless
  • We use only wild Salmon from the Pacific Northwest

*Please note: can shape may be different from picture but the contents are still the same.

SKU: 6063 (100g), 6075 (150g).

16 reviews for Smoked Canned Wild Sockeye Salmon

  1. Earl W MR

    Best I have ever had.

  2. Terry

    The smoked Salmon 12 pack was a Xmas present from my wife and it is top notch. Absolutely delicious

  3. Julie Scott (verified owner)

    This salmon is so good I’ve just ordered a case. Got my first taste of this smoked salmon mixed with cream cheese on crackers this week and it is divine. I have never been a fan of canned fish prior to this, but this is such clean, boneless, skinless, not oily salmon that it changed my mind. Re-ordered right away when I realized we only have one can left. Very happy to be supporting a BC and now Indigenous owned company. Thank you!

  4. Elizabeth Young

    Impressive. My son-in-law loves fishing and a lot of his catch is canned at St. Jeans. As I was visiting this year I was blessed to be able to indulge my foodie self and love of fish in his home. I have to rave about the custom smoked salmon (canned). Just fish, no black skin, no bones or other. Beautiful rich salmon in a can. Talk about tasty! I will never, never buy the canned fish from the super market again after seeing how wonderful the canned salmon is from St. Jean’s. A joy to see the contents in the can and a greater joy to consume. Simply put, “I am impressed”.

  5. Esther Johnston (verified owner)

    This is the nicest smoked salmon ever!

  6. Lucia Mann (verified owner)

    The finest smoked salmon. Highly pleased.

  7. Dave stjean

    Thank’s for the comment Richard. I have asked our shipping department to get a hold of you via email regarding shipments to Thailand.

  8. Richard Hall

    Can you deliver a pack of canned sockeye to me in Thailand?

  9. Robert Finch

    Just bought a sampling of about 10 items. Helpful staff. Just tried the canned smoked sockeye. It is outstanding! Best I’ve ever had bar none. We have bought other brands in Alaska. Normally they are dry and over smoked. St. Jean’s is perfectly smoked. Beautiful salmon pieces with no bones or skin. Can’t wait to try other items. Will be buying several cases soon. Don’t hesitate! Try this. It is a classic BC product.

  10. MamaBear

    So packed with flavor with a clean non-oily aftertaste. So worth the money. Our 6 year old daughter loves it too. Great for a quick meal with rice and some greens. Delicious!

  11. David McKay

    Received our canned Sockeye Salmon (from our recent group fishing trip), and it beat my expectations. Great taste, very well processed with no skin or bones as advertised.
    I will be ordering more, and trying some of their other products.
    Great job St. Jean.

  12. Julia Hargreaves

    Its the best smoked salmon. It makes a great salad with boiled egg.

  13. Julia Hargreaves

    Its the best smoked salmon and in small portions. It makes a great salad with boiled egg.

  14. ralph linehan (verified owner)

    It’s the best canned salmon anywhere.

  15. Donald BOYD


  16. Derek

    Excellent product! I love that they use real smokers, not liquid smoke.

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