Wild Salmon & Halibut Box

$240.00 Shipping Included

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Wild Salmon & Halibut Box $240.00 Shipping Included
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Revel in the exquisite fresh taste of ethically sourced wild Coho and halibut salmon.

Processed and packaged with care at Canada’s best seafood processing facility here in Vancouver, St Jean’s Wild Salmon and Halibut box contain 6 pounds of exotic seafood delicacy that turns ordinary BBQs into a feast of seafood excellence.

What's Inside
Our Salmon & Halibut box includes:

  • 3 lbs Wild Coho Salmon
  • 3 lbs Wild Halibut
  • Each piece is approximately 1 lb (suitable for a double serving for a total of 12 servings)
How to prepare
For the best results, thaw portions in the refridgerator overnight.

  • Cut an opening in the package
  • Place portions (still in the package) on a plate and leave in the fridge.
  • Fish should thaw in 8-12 hrs

For a quicker thaw, place the un-opened package in a bowl of cold water cool running water (keeping the water under 40°F, any warmer can encourage bacteria growth) keep changing the water every 10 minutes or let the tap run at a slow rate. Depending on the size of fish, it will thaw between 20 and 60 minutes.

Shipping Included
This frozen box includes frozen shipping to addresses in Canada and the USA. Add to cart and and we will contact you to arrange a delivery date before your order is shipped.

It doesn’t get more West Coast than this. With each box you get the opportunity to try both wild Coho salmon and wild Halibut. All the fish is processed and packaged with extreme care at our own processing facility, right here on Vancouver Island. Each piece is perfectly cut and then vacuum sealed, so it doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for one or feeding the whole family, this box has got you covered.  

How does ordering a frozen seafood box work?

Ordering one of our Frozen Seafood Boxes is extremely easy. All you have to do is place your order: we’ll take care of the rest. Once we receive your order, we contact you to set up a convenient delivery date and arrange all the shipping to ensure your Seafood Box arrives both quickly and still frozen. Before you even know it, they’ll be delicious Wild-Caught Salmon and Halibut on your door step, ready to BBQ, poach, fry or bake (once you defrost it of course!)

6 reviews for Wild Salmon & Halibut Box

  1. Johnny kowal

    Excellent products. Spot prawns best per price except fresh of dock
    Fillets are excellent will never again use grocery stores for fish
    Phone. Personnel very friendly and helpful

  2. John Radul

    My wife wanted a seafood feast for her birthday in June.
    Called St. Jeans with the order. It was delivered exactly
    as planned. The fish top quality, the birthday surprise even
    better. Thank You guys! You really know you stuff.

  3. Robert Stepp (verified owner)

    We have enjoyed St. Jeans products delivered here in Saskatchewan for over 15 years, and during that time our expectations for top quality seafood provided with attention to customer satisfaction has never missed our score of 10/10. Thank You for your attention to providing the best you can in the best way for us.
    We ordered the frozen salmon and halibut box mid June; the office contacted us with the date to expect its delivery, it was tracked online start to delivery, and arrived as stated in 30C+ temps with all pieces still fully frozen and of obvious top quality. Tonight we enjoyed our first sitting of halibut and once again it has exceeded all other we’ve purchased in quality of cut. Its delicate, fresh, meaty texture was absolutely delicious. Thank You Very Much for doing what you do. The Stepp’s.

  4. Penny Maillard

    Amazing! I will not buy any other fish. The halibut is as good as having it fresh when we lived in Nanaimo. Salmon is perfect size for two healthy portions or three average. Frozen shipment was well packed when it arrived here in Ottawa.

  5. Natalya

    Amazing quality, arrived perfectly frozen to the Interior of BC. Will absolutely buy again.

  6. Michelle Russell

    I love both the frozen salmon, and the halibut! It’s a wonderful treat to get quality ship to my home. Thanks so much

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