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Orange Shirt Day 2023

“The annual Orange Shirt Day on September 30th opens the door to global conversation on all aspects of Residential Schools. It is an opportunity to create meaningful discussion about the effects of Residential Schools and the legacy they have left behind. A discussion all Canadians can tune into and create bridges with each other for […]

Smoked Salmon Storage Secrets: How Long Does Smoked Salmon Last in the Fridge?

Discover the West Coast’s best-kept secret for extending the shelf life of smoked salmon. Uncover proper storage techniques, learn about expiration dates, signs of spoilage, and tricks to maximize freshness. Get ready to savor every delectable bite with St. Jean’s Cannery and Smokehouse.

5 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Wild Canned Salmon

At St. Jean’s Cannery, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality and sustainably sourced wild canned salmon. We believe that canned salmon is not only a convenient pantry staple but also a delicious and nutritious ingredient that can be used in a variety of meals. To help you make the most of your canned […]

Away for the Holidays

The holidays are almost here and our staff have been working tirelessly to make sure everyone’s orders get shipped out in time for Christmas. We appreciate how hard they have been working so much, and figured they could probably use a well-deserved break for the Holidays! For this reason, we’ll be closing our facilities from […]

Top-down view of creamy Smoked Salmon Dip in a bowl, garnished with fresh dill sprigs, next to a freshly opened can of St. Jean's Smoked Pink Salmon - a delicious representation of West Coast Canadian cuisine.

West Coast Delight: Easy Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

Jump to Recipe From the crisp, clean air of British Columbia comes a dip that captures the spirit of the West Coast. This Smoked Salmon Dip recipe is more than just an easy appetizer, it’s a culinary tribute to our spectacular surroundings and the bounty of our Pacific waters. The mighty Pacific Ocean is home […]

June is BC Seafood Month

Why are we at St. Jean’s Cannery particularly smitten with June? June is BC Seafood Month! It’s a time to recognize and celebrate the bounty of seafood available to us on the west coast as well as the quality of the seafood industry in the province. The Comox Valley on Vancouver Island is arguably the […]