Hot Smoked Wild Salmon
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Hot Smoked Wild Salmon

$20.95$30.95 Per lb

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Wild West Coast salmon with a rich & smoky flavour–from our smokehouse to your house.

Ingredients: Wild chum (5039) or spring (5040) salmon, golden yellow sugar, salt, garlic powder, black pepper, curry powder and natural hardwood smoke.

St. Jean’s Hot Smoked Wild Salmon is the classic and delectable smoked salmon style (also known as barbecue style) that seafood fans all over the world crave!

How do we prepare it? We cure wild-caught Pacific Northwest salmon with our special mix of spices before smoking the salmon at a high temperature with natural hardwood in our own smokehouses. The result is rich, flavourful salmon–smoked to perfection!

Portioned in one-pound vacuum-packed fillets. Thaw in your refrigerator and it’s ready to eat–no cooking required.

NOTE: Frozen seafood such as this ships separately from ‘Dry’ products. Shipping charges include frozen gel packs, packaging and styro cooler. Once ordered, you will be contacted by a St. Jean’s Cannery representative to arrange a shipping date.


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