Halibut Skin-Off
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Halibut Skin-Off

$34.95 Per lb

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Pacific Halibut: one of the west coast’s finest food fish.

Halibut is considered one of the premium types of white?fish from the Pacific Northwest.Lean, firm, and mild in flavour, halibut is tremendously easy to cook in a variety of ways. Beer-battered and deep-fried with home fries? Baked with just a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon? Poached in white wine? Blackened with our Grilled in foil on the backyard barbecue? Many possibilities, and all of them tasty!Fillets are approximately 1-lb each.

1 review for Halibut Skin-Off

  1. Brian MacLean

    The halibut is excellent. Comes in packs that are just over 1 lb fillet. So portioning is a bit of a challenge. Great quality, Great price, Great Frozen Delivery

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